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Michael and Suzanne both grew up in Granite City, Illinois, a steel town of about 35,000 just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO.  Michael is the son of Russell "Woody" and Rita Halbrook... Suzanne is the daughter of Mark and Mary Lerch.

They both attended Holy Family school from 1988 onward (after their former schools St. Margaret Mary and Sacred Heart / St. Joseph merged).  Suzanne graduated from 8th grade at Holy Family in 1991 and Michael followed her in 1992.

The both attended Granite City High School together and were active in advanced performance, on the speech team, and in plays and musicals together.

They re-met at Holy Family Church on October 30, 2002 and have been seeing each other ever since... most diligently since their "first date" on Valentine's Day in 2003.

Suzanne currently lives with her parents in Granite City and Michael lives in an apartment in Collinsville, about 15 minutes east.


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